💰 Manage your money and Investment — Google SpreadSheet

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😭 I was a mess, as far as money. I didn't know how much money I was saving or spending. Not only that, but I didn't know if any investments were doing well or not, as I failed to keep track.

💡 To solve, over the last few years, I have been updating and working on this Google Spreadsheet. Now I know how much money I'm saving each month and how my investments are doing just by spending a few minutes a month on it.


How much money is in your bank accounts?

For me it is not important to record every single expense I make, where every euro in my accounts goes, but I do need to know how they are evolving month by month. Am I saving money, or do I have less every month?

These are very simple questions, but essential to have a healthy relationship with money.

It is important to keep track without becoming obsessed. By dedicating only 5-10 minutes a month, you can update your sheet and answer all these questions in a simple and visual way.

How much money am I saving from my salary?

This is an important question, what percentage of your salary do you spend each month and how much are you able to save? With this Excel sheet you can put, each month, how much income you have received and you will automatically see what percentage of it you have saved and how much has been expenses.

This is the first step before analyzing where that income is going to increase your savings.

Stocks, Index Funds and Cryptocurrencies

Not all your money is in a bank account, and the different investments also deserve a little monitoring. Thanks to the stocks, funds and cryptocurrencies section you can see, in a general way, how profitable each of them are being.

Are you making money with cryptos. with stocks or with the investment fund? You can see it all at a glance.


How does it work?

Once you access the private page with the template, you must make a copy of it in your personal Google Drive (File » Make a copy).

After that, you will be able to modify that sheet as you wish, since you will be the only person with access to it.

I have included, in the first cell of the first column of each page, a note that will explain to you what to do in each of the pages, it is very simple. If you still have any doubts, send me a DM via Twitter @victoor.

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Follow, month by month, the money in your bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, stocks and funds in a graphical, simple and visual way.

Track your bank accounts
Track your crypto investments
Track your stocks
Track your indexed funds
Follow your mortgage evolution


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💰 Manage your money and Investment — Google SpreadSheet

5 ratings
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